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Our goal

  1. generate a Create React App project (if…

How can we untrack files that are already commited based on .gitignore file?

Let’s imagine the scenario:

  • we have added/committed some unwanted files to our git repository (for instance some .log files or /dist folder).
  • another developer wanted to git pull our work and it turned out that they are conflicts in files e.g. .log.
  • or perhaps our CI pipeline stopped building because…

and how can we stop it as professionals

In order to successfully introduce anti-patterns to the codebase, developer has to bypass several guards, i.e. code review.

The article is sarcastic. It is meant to show us the importance of quality code review.

In this article I will show some patterns how to write a legitimate looking code that…

And what to do instead (3 mins).

I think every React developer sooner or later gets the following warning in his console: Each child in a list should have a unique “key” prop.

In this article I will use real life example why it’s important not to ignore that warning.

We will learn about one anti-pattern and…

And how can we profit from using them (5 mins including Redux example)

Pure Functions is one of these terms that yet again sound very elitist and difficult to understand. In fact it’s rather simple concept.

The pure function is very commonly used by lot’s of major players i.e. Redux, React, Angular and so on. We can also extract expensive pure function to…

Explained in simple terms with examples in 4 mins

The new keyword in JavaScript is one of these things that are often misunderstood or even feared by the people starting with JS.

Things become much easier to understand once we check what thenewis doing behind the scenes.

In this article I will go through simple examples and show you…

Get to know iffy in JS (or refresh your memory in 3 mins :))

The Immediately Invoked Function Expression term sounds very elitist and advanced but truth is it’s very simple.

I’ve prepared some examples for you as well as common traps you might encounter during the job interview.

Getting right to it

The IIFE is a way to execute functions immediately, as soon as they are created…

Closures are special thing in the JS world. It’s time to finally understand them.

Many agree that closures are confusing at the beginning, but once you put some time into understanding them you will find them perhaps even intuitive.

There are lot’s of benefits coming from understanding them i.e.:

  • In…

Every frontend developer at some point of his career has stumbled into thisin JavaScript and my bet is the first experience wasn’t very clear.

It turns out that in fact this in JavaScript can be understood and that we can even follow a simple 4 step procedure to determine it’s…

Higher Order Components in React are considered an advanced React topic.
I will try to simplify it and show one real life example that we will hopefully use (or base on it) in real life.

Let’s consider our day to day task which is to fetch data from somewhere and…

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